About wow – such future

I purchased my first Dogecoin in 2014, within a month of its release. I was thrilled to be a part of this movement! At the time Bitcoin was $280 and Litecoin was $4.  I didn’t think anything of the price.  When this journey started It wasn’t financial. It was just for fun. It was revolutionary! Year by year I watched the cryptocurrency space blossom, along with the community.

My love for Dogecoin grew as the coin matured from a fun-loving Shiba-inu meme coin to a major player. We are all very optimistic and will achieve our goal 1D = 1D. Dogewow was set up to promote, encourage, and support our growing Dogecoin community. Right now I’ve upload original artist-designed t-shirts. I will be extending this range to include women and kids t-shirts. What you see is in stock and ready to ship.

Shipping: All orders will ship either through USPS or UPS, anywhere in the world.

Returns: If you don’t like it send it back for a refund. Please allow 7-10 working days for refunds to credit your wallet. All I ask is that you review the size chart and understand the style you’ve chosen i.e. form fitting, loose fit, and so on.

Currency: We accept the one and only Dogecoin, but you can also pay with Bitcoin, Ether, and PayPal (such poor).

I want you to enjoy Dogewow; read, shop, and coming soon our Dogebowl coin faucet.

Now for such hardcore opinion stuff: We demand a speedy, reliable monetary source in order to conduct commerce and trade. We, the people decide what this monetary source should be; in the not so distant past it was salt, furs, gold, silver along with many others. We now demand a currency that transcends the physical boundaries of countries, out of the reach of governments, and within the grasps of everyone on this planet.

Dogecoin is a peer to peer cryptocurrency. Developed from the advanced bitcoin blockchain technology. Dogecoin was designed to have a high utility value; meaning you can trade it, pay with it, and or donate it. Dogecoin is a world currency with an active community. Our vision is to build meaningful currency relationships with users, and to uphold our Human-right to trade without governance.

**VERY NOTICE** I need help setting up a faucet. I want to carry on with the traditional of giving away free Dogecoins. Such pride, such love. Contact me using the below form if you think you can help.


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